Manual stoppering equipment for pre-filled syringes

Air present in the empty space of pre-filled syringes may prevent the stopper from being inserted properly. This can result in leakage and waste of the liquid product into the syringe. The air occupying the empty space needs to be removed before placing the stopper.

Removing trapped air before pressing stoppers into pre-filled syringes

The Syringe Stopper Press from Adelphi is a manually operated stopper press machine for pre-filled syringes. The system consists of a syringe holding jig for stable and centered position, lever operated stopper press, and a divide for aiding the removal of air inside the syringe. This makes the process of inserting the stopper into the syringe easier and faster. It has a fully adjustable design for comfortable and safe operation. The unit can accommodate glass or plastic syringes with 6.35mm bore or greater. The system is also made of pharmaceutical grade 316L stainless steel contact parts to avoid risk of contamination.


  • Easy insertion of stopper due to the removal of air inside the syringe
  • Hygienic contact parts (316L stainless steel material)
  • Fully adjustable design for comfortable and safe operation
  • Can accommodate glass or plastic syringe (6.35mm bore or higher)