Machine for packing canned pet food

Most packaging applications require different types of packaging machines, some need wraparound cartoners and others shrink wrapping systems.
Having two machines demands a considerable amount of space. An economical alternative could be a packaging system that combines both functions in one for multiple product applications.

Combined packaging system for wraparound cartons and shrink wrapping

The Combi provided by Baumer is a combined packing system that can perform wraparound carton packaging and shrink-wrap packaging. It is ideal for packing a wide range of products such as canned pet food, as it can pack quickly and safely in film only or pad and film and wraparound cartons. This machine features a patented BM BELT conveyor placed in between the transport chains to shift functions from wraparound cartons to shrink wrapping film. This can be done only by using controls from the touch screen panel. The system can work both with loose products and multipacks and is available in 3 models depending on production capacity. The production capacities are 35, 50, and 80 packs per minute.


  • Two machines in one
  • Various packaging options
  • Compact and flexible
  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • High production capacity up to 80 packs per minute