Low speed Filler for large-volume parenterals

Large-volume parenteral bottles are usually manufactured with a resin that can be autoclaved. These bottles are used to store solutions for irrigation, liquid soaps, disinfectants, antibiotics, and intravenous solutions. With so many different purposes, it’s essential to choose a filler that can be adapted to meet different requirements. It’s also important for these machines to be tested, approved, and certified by the FDA for the filling of large-volume parenterals.

Seals and fills infusion bottles, vials, and bags

With a filling range of 1 to 3000 ml, the BTA by Wick Machinery is a low speed machine that is able to deliver an output of filling 3000, 1500, 900, or 500 containers per hour. This semi manual filler is designed with a peristaltic dosing pump and a separate sealing station for crimp caps, allowing product-specific filling.

Moreover, all parenterals are treated with inert gas, while the model’s swivel arm seals and fills bags or bottles at the same time. BTA further boasts a luer-lock closure, which is a tip cap connected to the syringe that keeps the material inside from drying and curing. Its monochrome touch screen allows further data processing, and the unit can be easily interchanged for vial and bottle filling.


  • Packages are in compliance with all FDA and GMP requirements
  • Interchangeable design enables filling of infusion bottles with screw caps
  • Stainless steel frame ensures reliability and durability
  • Can fill polypropylene single neck bags measuring up to 1000 ml