Liquid nitrogen freezer for safe and dry storage of your samples

Remove the risks of cross-contamination and liquid nitrogen handling by adopting a freezer system that does not bring the coolant in direct contact with your samples. Increase storage space for the same footprint as a traditional freezer and improve access to samples without affecting the internal temperature and benefit from industry-leading temperature gradient.

Liquid nitrogen freezer solution that removes risks of cross-contamination

Suitable for a wide range of biotech and pharmaceutical uses, the Custom BioGenic Systems V1500-AB Isothermal Liquid Nitrogen Freezer provides nitrogen storage temperatures but without the need to bring samples into direct contact with the coolant. A patented jacket design means that liquid nitrogen surrounds the entire chamber whilst keeping the storage area completely clean and dry, allowing for exceptionally low temperatures throughout the unit.

As well as removing cross-contamination risk associated with collant contact, the V1500-AB also reduces health and safety risks associated with filling traditional freezers with liquid nitrogen as there is no splash risk.

Because the nitrogen is not introduced directly into the freezing chamber this allows the entire volume to be used for storage. The units will allow storage of a wide range of containers including aluminum and stainless steel square and vertical racks, mini racks, canister and frame systems, vials, boxes and canisters or cassettes.

The unit comes as standard with the respected Custom BioGenic Systems 2301 controller which handles auto filling and full monitoring of the unit, including alarms and data recording. The combination of controller and freezer design means the V1500-AB has an industry leading temperature gradient that averages -193°C inside the storage area.


  • Completely removes cross-contamination risk from liquid nitrogen
  • Enhanced temperature gradient for improved storage stability
  • Removes risks associated with manual handling of liquid nitrogen
  • Full volume of freezing chamber is available, improving storage efficiency
  • Wide lid opening provides full, easy access without affecting internal temperature