Line for sponge cakes production

Bringing together a wide range of process machinery to develop a production line for sponge-based products like swiss rolls, layer cakes and family cakes is complex and expensive. Complete “turnkey” production systems with complete automation offer a time and money saving solution to small through to large scale bakery production environments.

Turnkey multi product lines for sponge-based baking

Tonelli has a hard-earned worldwide reputation for bakery and confectionery machinery. They have used their class-leading experience to bring to develop complete, fully automated production lines that allow new sponge-based products to be brought to market more quickly and efficiently than has previously been possible.

Tonelli production lines provide a turnkey solution to the entire baking process, including ingredients mixing (and production of batters and creams), depositing, rolling, layering, cutting and more.

A wide variety of final packing options can be made available to allow the complete automation of every part of the production process.

All components and process stations are completely integrated and designed to offer the most efficient production path possible for your given product requirements.

Production volumes can be from as low as 250 kg per hour up to 1,600 kg per hour, allowing you to choose the optimum performance for your production needs.

The highest quality of components and construction methods is used throughout, to ensure a production line that is reliable, efficient and easy to clean and maintain.


  • A turnkey solution that will get your product to market more quickly
  • Fully automated and integrated lines, built to your exact specifications
  • Suitable for a wide variety of sponge-based product such as swiss rolls, mini rolls, layer cake, family size, eclairs, and more
  • Available in a range of production volume capacities to fit your exact requirements