Lab-scale radial chromatography columns for virus validation

In the food industry, as an example, during lab-testing and studies, chromatography columns are used to detect and quantify spoilage indicators such as pyruvic acid in milk. In such cases, it is essential to make use of chromatography columns that possess great industrial compatibility. Having a tolerance for errors like accidental air, flow, and pressure variations proves to be critical during such practices as this will increase the margin for error that could fail a study, allowing for a wider spectrum of tests to be successfully carried out.

Mini radial chromatography columns for virus validation

The mini radial chromatography columns by Proxcys are robust, resulting in exceptional industrial compatibility due to their large tolerance for errors, like the entry of air, flow, and pressure variations. They are used to closely mimic full-scale radial processes with smaller bed volumes ranging between 3 and 30 centimeters.

The design of the Mini Column comes with an integrated valved packing port that results in an improved column overall performance and easy handling. The clear acrylic cylinder provides the conditions to study the behavior of the resin and bed build up during the column packing.

The use of the selected material in combination with the straight forward design eliminates the need for learning any time-consuming processes giving you the freedom to focus on further operations and testing.


  • Great industrial capability with a high tolerance for errors
  • Straight forward design reducing the learning curve
  • Easier and improved handling due to the integrated valved packing port

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