Irregular can seamer

Quite some time can be lost adjusting the seaming process to different can sizes when orders keep following up, asking for flat oval cans one week, square cans the next and maybe even a rush order for 50,000 tuna cans in between.

Using a rotary clincher to fit in protruding product

The MASTER 440 by JK Somme can seam all kinds of cans for complicated fish products such as large sardines, squid, octopus, mussels or cockles and even other products such as for example peppers  or corned beef. A filled can is placed on a belt and fed into a turn table that holds the can while the lid is put on. The two rolls work in opposition for a balanced seam. The rotary clincher (with six stations) works in a vertical motion, which makes it perfect for overfilled cans such as sardines, mussels and sauerkraut, as the clincher works as a can topper, pressing down and fitting any protruding products back into the can. This part can also cut of excess product, such as the tails of sardines or octopus tentacles that hang over the edge of the can. The machine can be easily adapted to work with different cans.

Depending on the shape and the size of the packed product, the machine can seam up to 100 cans per minute and for all can shapes: rectangular, square, oval and more, as long as the diagonal of the can stays within 165 mm, between 45 and 110 mm width and between 15 and 275 mm height.


  • Short cycle seaming system
  • Optional pre-curling roll of the covers
  • Easy access for maintenance and washing