Infrared rotating drum steriliser

Sterilisation of foodstuffs is vital to maintain uncompromising standards of hygiene and disinfection, but some methods can impact on product quality. The latest infrared technology can deliver improved taste and appearance over traditional methods quickly, easily and safely.

High efficiency infrared steriliser for cost savings and improved quality

The Kreyenborg FS-IRD is at the cutting edge of food safety. Unlike traditional steam sterilisers, the FS-IRD uses infrared light to instantly heat the core of your product, reducing germ load, killing pests and sterilising.

The speed and gentleness of the process means that the product remains in first class condition, with no heat damage and no detriment to looks, smell or taste.

The FS-IRD can also be used to roast or toast, enhancing flavours without risk of scorching and burning of traditional methods.

The Kreyenborg unit is highly efficient, with no warm-up time required, and is designed for continuous operation. Gentle tumbling motion allows for optimum mixing and even treatment, and the materials only remain inside for a very short time compared to traditional methods, speeding up your production process.

Flexibility is key, and easy reconfiguration and optional water sprays for highly delicate ingredients make reconfiguration straightforward. All-stainless steel construction means the FS-IRD is hygienic and easy to clean.


  • Energy saving sterilisation and more in a compact form factor
  • Gentle treatment preserves taste, looks and aromas
  • Instant start and constant running increase your efficiency
  • Suitable for the widest range of ingredients

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