Individual item serialization equipment

Traceability is critical to quality assurance in the pharmaceutical sector. But serializing individually packaged items may create bottlenecks in a production cycle. Besides the printing and labeling steps, serialization systems must ensure seamless interoperability with other process stages.

Serialization solution for pharma product packaging

Item Serialization Units from Dec Group are custom-built solutions for individually packaged products. The system offers complete solutions including vision inspection, robotics, software, and printing components.

The product loading capacity ranges from 150 to 400 p/min and is either manually operated or automatic. Moreover, the onboard labeler features temper evidence functionality. The units integrate into standard production equipment and software platforms designed for the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Fully automated functioning
  • Ergonomic design
  • Serialization platform integration
  • Fail-safe rejection
  • Serialization units can be customized as per customer requirements

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