In-process weighing system for mills

When you need a throughput weigher for modern flour/grain milling applications, the weighing system for mills is highly resourceful and compact.

Weight transducer system designed for flour/grain

The APW series from PT Chronos weighing system is a compact and versatile throughput weigher specifically designed for modern flour/grain milling applications.

Precision data collection is essential to automate the labor-intensive stock reconciliation needs of an efficiently run mill, from wheat intake to flour out loading. The innovative APW design ensures that weighing accuracy in the mill is not compromised whatever the product being monitored, extracted, controlled, or totaled.

They can also be interfaced with any mill control system. Single or twin position feed gate versions are available.


  • Used in bulk material weighing applications
  • Precise in weighing
  • Capable of free standing operation
  • Compact design features integral feed gate and discharge doors

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