In-line tamper evident applicator head

Integrating tamper protection equipment into an existing production line means additional equipment, space and expense.

Add a tamper evident applicator head with minimal disruption to an existing line

The Karlville Startec machine consists of an applicator head integrated inside an existing labeller frame with a non stop reel feeder to keep the labeller running when a change of roll is required.
Drive is taken from the exit star wheel of the labeller, thus no conveyor is required and the equipment has no footprint on the line.
Tamper evident sleeves are cut and applied onto the necks of the containers before shrinking to shape in a heat tunnel. The Startec applicator can sleeve bottles of height 80-350 mm with cap diameters of 20-55mm at 600 CPM.


  • Provides easy addition of tamper evident sleeve
  • Protects bottles, jars and tubes
  • Adapts to fit any diameter
  • Zero downtime on roll changeover