In-line pallet changer

When you need to transfer load from one pallet to another without tilting or turning, then selecting the in-line pallet changer will not be inadequate. This stationary pallet changer functions by using the combined forces of the side press and back pushed.

The pusher system for pallet changing and handling

The Master Inverter pallet changer is presented by Toppy. With two-way translational movement, the shifting of products is enabled from coarse wood pallets to production-friendly, sterilized plastic pallets. To support the load on two sides, two rubber side compactors close and then sustain the load. These plates apply gentle pressure to the material together with a metal back plate, and shift the load onto the new pallet.

Toppy Master Inverter pallet changer is available with either manual control (by push button panel) or full automatic control (by PLC). For optimum environment operation, there is a de-dusting cabin where the product gets in. It is flooded by an air shower equipped with three rotating blades. Two blades are inside and one in center. The center blade provides automatic adjustment based on product height.


  • Can be integrated with logistics systems, conveyors, and an automatic pallet stacker
  • Continuous working cycle of up to 40 pallets per hour
  • The capacity of this inverter is 1000 kg
  • The maximum height of load to be transferred is 1700 mm (pallet included)