High-speed fold wrapping machine for hard candy

Bottom fold wrapping is an attractive solution for hard candies, toffees, and eclairs. However, traditional wrapping solutions are often too rough to wrap at higher speeds. They also require additional downstream units to add secondary packaging. A purpose-designed, high-speed bottom wrapper with combined flow wrapper with gentle handling offers increased throughput and reduced costs even for high-quality and delicate products.

Combined folder wrapper and flow packer for multipack hard candy

The HCW4+FPC5 from Theegarten Pactec is a custom-designed high-speed wrapping machine for bottom fold wrapping of hard candies and similar products. The direct connection of a high-speed flow pack unit enables the individual products to be grouped and secondary-packaged, increasing efficiency and reducing cost.

Designed to operate at up to 1,500 pieces per minute, the HCW4+FPC5 can bottom fold products in wax paper, cellophane, polypropylene, or aluminium / coated paper. It can then flow pack grouped items using hot or cold sealed foil.

Designed for gentle handling, the machine uses the continuous motion principle to enable high-speed packing of even delicate items. Highest quality results are also ensured by the feeding system with integrated sorting station to remove sugar dust, chips, and broken pieces before wrapping.

The flow pack unit features a durable servo motor driven foil pre-draw off system. This allows accurate splicing at the print mark position at full machine speed, minimizing the amount of spliced products rejected.

The combined unit is controlled via a single touchscreen HMI and requires only one operator. The HCW4+FPC5 has been designed with excellent accessibility in all areas, facilitating operation, maintenance, and cleaning.