High-speed aseptic injectable vial filling machine

Fill up to 24,000 vials per hour with pharmaceutical powders or liquids under aseptic conditions.

High speed sterile vial filling with 100% integrated check-weighing.

The Romaco Macofar MicroMaxX is an indexed motion microdosing machine for the dosing of sterile powders into glass vials in sterile environment, by means of vacuum/pressure system and subsequent closure with rubber stoppers. The aseptic injectable vial filling machine offers mechanical speeds ranging from 6,000 to 24,000 vials per hour.  The vacuum filling, first in class dosing system available on the market, highly reliable and largely validated, can be complemented with peristaltic pumps to perform liquid filling.

The machine can be configured with in-line, high speed, TARE/GROSS 100% check-weighing system, representing the perfect machine to process the most valuable and critical products of the customer. MicroMaxX is conceived to comply with the latest GMP regulations, thus meeting market’s highest quality requirements and Romaco customers’ needs.


  • Slim table top structure
  • Linear transport system
  • Suitable for both high speed powder filling and high speed liquid filling
  • Easy assembly and disassembly of dosing disc from machine front side
  • Use of brush less servomotor technology