High shear lab mixer for creams

Lab-scale mixers are vital in the design or small-batch production of a range of pharmaceutical products. Traditional high shear mixers on this scale are single-purpose units. A modern, multi-function machine allows the processing of a much wider range of substances, offering better value than single-purpose alternatives.

Flexible lab-scale mixer for mixing or emulsifying powders or liquids

The DS 3 Mixer from Multigel is a compact, yet powerful, lab-scale high-shear mixer designed specifically for use in design and manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

Supplied with 4 different heads, the DS 3 can be used with powders or liquids such as emulsions used as cosmetic or pharmaceutical carriers, and dispersing powders such as carbomers or alginates.

The powerful yet economical 600W motor enables the DS 3 to reach very high speeds, adjustable up to 12,500 rpm. This power allows it to process up to 10 litres of product at a time, increasing efficiency.

All product-contacting parts have been designed and constructed for fully hygienic operation, and are made from stainless steel and FDA-approved materials.

Weighing only 18kg, and with a form factor of only 280mm x 430mm, the DS 3 can be installed anywhere and is easy to move, requiring only a single-phase electricity supply.


  • Portable high-shear mixing solution thanks to light weight and benchtop form factor
  • Adjustable speed control up to 12,500rpm
  • Multi-function offers maximum flexibility: homogenise, mix, emulsify, and disintegrate
  • FDA-approved construction suitable for all hygienic operations
  • Low power consumption means minimal running costs