High containment micronizing isolator

Powder processing for chemical compounds demands product-specific micronizing solutions. Varying material properties and particle characteristics must be considered to optimize the process parameters. But available solutions do not always cater to the particular needs of end products.

Product-specific micronizing isolator solutions with high containment capability

The MC DecJet micronizing isolator range from Dec Group is a patented system designed for sterile or highly active compounds. The system optimizes the production process depending on the product particle size characteristics, with micronizing rates up to 0.5 μm and a product recovery range of >99%.

The system allows the regulation of process parameters like temperature, humidity, and cryogenic conditions. Additional available features include top and bottom exit systems, intermediate cyclones for particle fractionation, vertical milling, and special inserts for complex products.


  • Suitable for various materials
  • Provides both product analysis and process optimization
  • Modular design with flexible, semi-rigid, or rigid wall systems
  • Product recovery > 99%
  • Micronizing up to 0.5 μm

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