High containment closing system

Pharma and biopharma laboratories need fast effective solutions for tightly sealing bags for isolation and waste disposal. They should insist on double-lock security to eliminate the possibility of accidental releases, and ensure the seal will last long enough to keep the contents secure for as long as required.

A High Containment Closing System for Long Term Sealing

The Ezi-Dock ezi-strap™ liner tie system is a fast, effective way for sealing sleeves and liners either manually, or pneumatically. Double-lock security effectively prevents accidental release, and it has useful anti-tamper and labelling capability. This is ideal for linear filling with materials sealed in a series of bags, or one-shot bag-out waste.

The ezi-strap™ system is user-friendly. It is strong and durable, and specially designed for ‘real world’ production environments. This product is hence ideal for relatively sensitive applications where spillage may result in troublesome contamination.


  • Double-lock security provides added confidence bags are tightly sealed
  • Under 1,000th-of-a-milligram / cubic meter leakage assures safety standards
  • Pneumatic option for fast bag sealing in high production environments
  • High containment strength and durability in a variety of operations

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