GMP dispersing machine for liquid formulations

Multi-staged rotor/stator mixers generate the high shear forces required to disperse the finest micro-emulsions and suspensions. A rotor /stator dispersing machine that combines extremely fast rotation and resultant tip speeds creates even greater shearing action for super-fine dispersal during API and vaccine processing.

GMP rotor/stator dispersion with ultra-high shear for nano-scale particle emulsions and suspensions

The DISPAX-REACTOR DRS from IKA is a GMP ultra-high shear dispersing machine used to achieve the finest micro-emulsions and suspensions. Extremely high shear rates (up to 190.000 1/s) combined with a fine generator geometry enable the crushing of droplets and solids particles down to the nanoscale. The resulting product has long-term stability, which reduces the need for emulsifying agents and thickeners. Because of the extremely high energy density, other dispersing aids can be reduced or possibly eliminated.

The DRS is usually equipped with a two-stage rotor-stator system (generators). The high tip speed of 40 m/s (10.000 fpm) often negates the need for a third stage. The ultra-fine dispersing machine, designed with the same high quality features as the ULTRA-TURRAX UTL and the DISPAX-REACTOR DR, is especially well suited for challenging pharmaceutical-grade applications.  The units are designed for easy and reliable scalability, and sizes are available with flow rates from 70 to 40.000 liters per hour.


  • Pharmaceutical grade variant is available
  • Simple and robust design ensures long service life
  • Excellent dispersing performance
  • High tip speed of 40 m/s results in high energy input and extremely high quality dispersion
  • High quality surface finishes CIP and SIP cleaning compatible, and self draining for easy cleaning