Frying line for extruded snacks and pellets

Factors such as the increase in disposable income and consumption of small meals facilitated a rapid growth within the snack industry. To capitalise on your local market and beat competition it is important to keep the process natural while maintaining taste, colour, smell and crispiness during the frying of extruded and pelleted snacks. Despite the rise in production volumes, a frying solution must maintain proper care during the processing of each individual pellet snack.

Always maintain a high product quality

Kuipers’ complete processing lines for various snacks are capable of processing snacks that have been already pre-dried as well as extruded products. It uses a unique frying technology, wherein snacks are carefully transported through the fryer in a continuous process while being carefully monitored. It allows you to easily control and monitor the process through its main programmable logic controller.

The frying line for extruded snacks is configured to enable gentle heat transfer to heat up the frying oil with a very small fluctuation in temperature of the frying oil. Its low frying oil content in its unique fryer pans help achieve a oil turn over time of  less than 3 hours. It is also designed to prevent dust and small particles from entering the fryer maintaining oil quality for longer periods. Production transportation within the fryer is also key in the process. This allows every single piece of the product to have the exact same retention time and no possibility to escape from the flow to stay behind and burn. Customization according to the raw product makes the whole process accurate and the product quality consistent.

The efficiency of our technology combined with the optimal process for the specific product allows uninterrupted production for days or weeks. It does not require an expensive filter system or adding chemicals which eventually have an impact on the quality of the end product and the health of the consumer.


  • Does not use chemicals making product quality higher
  • Easy to maintain
  • Flexible and customisable
  • Turnkey delivery worldwide
  • Optimal product transportation
  • Lowest frying oil turnover time in the industry