Fluid sensor technology for flow rate measurement

For many bioprocesses, precise measurement of media flow rates is vital to process monitoring, additive delivery, filtration, sample delivery, and more. The use of a highly accurate automated flow rate measurement system that is also capable of controlling pumps can bring significant advantages to delivery quality and accuracy across processes.

Accurate flow rate measurement and automatic pump control unit

The Flow Reader from Flownamics is a highly accurate fluid flow rate sensor and pump controller.

Flow Reader features a patented dual sensor technology for outstanding accuracy down to as low as 0.01ml/minute.

The sensor operates by using sterile air bubbles injected into the fluid path. By tracking the leading edge of the bubble through a known volume past two discrete sensors, a high accuracy reading is obtained.

The read tube is gamma radiated and disposable and can be welded directly into your fluid path if required.

Flow Reader is then able to provide feedback to any pumping system capable of receiving 0-10V control inputs, including the Flownamics FP-101, eliminating the need for recalibrations.


  • Eliminates requirement for manual calibration of pumps, saving time and resource
  • High accuracy down to rates as low as 0.01 ml/min for specialised processes
  • Able to control any pump from any manufacturer that accepts a 0-10V control voltage
  • Disposable measurement tube can be placed directly into fluid flow, no bypassing required