Fluid bed dryer for lab scale

Fluidised bed drying (FBD) is a common process in the pharmaceutical industry for drying compounds to achieve the required moisture content, as well as applying coatings or binders before further processing prior to tablet formulation. For R&D work a fluid bed dryer with economical batch sizes is required, but it must also be able to scale up successfully for satisfactory full-scale production.

Flexible lab-scale fluid bed dryer/granulator with advanced features

The Sejong Pharmatech D5L is a compact small-scale fluid bed dryer/granulator with features specifically designed for lab work and small batch processing in volumes from 1 to 5 litres.

The D5L features both top and bottom spray arms for maximum flexibility, with fully adjustable height control for both. This allows the machine to be used for drying, granulating and coating.  The product container is ergonomic to use and makes adding and discharging compounds quick and simple, and the capacity is fully controllable based on the required production volume. The container also features a built-in sampler, to allow physical inspection of the progress of the cycle as it runs – perfect for R&D situations.

The D5L features a full colour touchscreen with easy-to-read schematics for control and diagnostics, allowing the operator to monitor all parts of the cycle. All control software is fully 21CFR part 11 compliant.

The exhaust features a dust collection system with easy-to-change cartridge filter system, and the unit features a powerful 4.8kW electric coil heat exchanger for precise temperature control.


  • Small footprint and ease of use - perfect for lab work
  • Fully height adjustable top and bottom spray arms gives more flexibility for less cost
  • Simple touchscreen controls with 21CFR part 11 compliant software for record keeping
  • Sampling system for monitoring results during the cycle

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