Flash pasteurizer for beer

The food and beverage industry are faced with constant challenges. Contamination and cross infection by microorganism pose to be a big risk during production. A hygienic, energy efficient pasteurisation system can negate these risks while maintaining the quality of taste of the end product especially useful for beer production.

Efficient and high capacity pasteurizer retaining beverage quality

Petek Proces’s Pastuerizing unit is available as an individual block version which allows quick displacement and in-line assemblage with other bottling equipment. It is flexible and can cover a wide range of products and capacities, which also provides a quick and easy connection to the energy source. It provides you with wide capacity range, constant process parameters and dynamic pasteurizing units.

This flash pasteurizer provides thermic treatment to your liquid product by using plate or tube heat exchangers which have suitable number of sections. It provides to you, options for a hot outlet, cold outlet, or even both for treating products with varying viscosity. It also provides automatic temperature control with registration and synoptic records on pasteurization and cooling temperatures.

The flash pasteurizer for beer allows you to control the flow with an electronic flow meter and a frequency-controlled pump. It ensures that your product is never over-pasteurized which results in good taste, aroma and colour of your product. Apart from beer, its applications also include, manufacturing of soft drinks (carbonated or non-carbonated), juices, milk, fruit puree, sugar syrup, sauces, jams and liquid foods.


  • Designed to enable optimal energy usage
  • Uses Programmable Logic Controller for pasteurization and sanitation procedures
  • Retains quality and taste of beer
  • Can be operated and supervised from a control room

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