Filling and closing machine for parenterals

Any pre-filled syringe can be filled and closed with this fast and easy machine that helps in manual handling as well as for fully automated conveying of the tubs.

A processing machine for nested and pre-sterilized syringes

Rota has decades of experience as a supplier for the pharmaceutical industry. This processing machine for nested and per-sterilized syringes is a translation and integration of Rota’s experience for meeting the customer needs.

They main feature is the use of latest servo motor technology. Serial kinematics robotics (SCARA) and advanced control programming allow the precise execution of each individual processing step. It is provided with automated systems for de-bagging, lid and fleece inlay removal. The machine capacity covers a range of up to 22.000 syringes per hour.


  • Advantage of an automated, trouble-free processing in combination with high product quality
  • Benefit from a unified technology, similar operation and the service of experts
  • The machine components of the latest generation are used
  • Meets the customer needs both for the start-up of syringe production as well as for mass production

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