Exchangeable silo dosing system

Rarely used bulk ingredients, like grains, agricultural feed or silage, can get spoilt if they are left in the silo for too long. You thus need a fast and flexible dosing solution that allows raw materials to be replaced without having to use a silo first, reducing the number of dosing positions.

Efficient and contamination free dosing containers

KSE’s ALFRA FCCD uses the distinct exchangeable dosing containers, also referred to as ‘dosingtainers’ instead of traditional silos. Its applications include, the dosing of premix, animal feed, pet food products that contain a large amount of raw materials etc. The use of dosingtainers, limits the number of dosing steps needed. This allows quick and contamination-free dosing of even small quantities of materials. These containers have a no drive mechanism which allows the dosing slide and other equipment to connect automatically on the machine frame with a forklift. Thus, it can automatically combine ingredients from up to 24 dosing containers making them ready for production faster.

The exchangeable silo dosing system has a unique design, making full use of a large slide range. It has two weighing scales on one holder. Larger quantities are dosed directly into the large weigher, whereas smaller quantities first go into the small weigher. It can thus dose any quantity ranging from 20 grams up to 100 kilograms very accurately. It also allows extremely fast changeover times between products. It is also configured with an in-built extractor which ensures zero cross-contamination and a sanitary workplace.


  • Virtually eliminates cross contamination and residues
  • High throughput for dry powders, granulates and pellets
  • Easy cleaning, inspection and maintenance
  • Low running costs