Drum filling system

Pharmaceutical and chemical products may be toxic or prone to contamination from environmental exposure. When filling them up in drums, it is best to have a system that can provide proper containment to avoid contamination as well as the formation of dust particles.

Controlled loading of powdered products in drums and bags

The Drum Filling system from Dec, is a solution for safe and controlled loading of pharmaceutical and chemical products in drums and bags. The system is equipped with a glovebox to enable the operator to connect the liners within a sealed environment. It allows contamination-free filling of drums of various sizes under high containment (less than 1 microgram per cubic meter). With its small footprint, the unit can be installed in remote spaces in case of limited height clearance under the equipment. The system can be equipped with optional load cells for added filling accuracy. The unit is easy to clean (CIP) and simple to install. It is available in various materials depending on the product application.



  • Easy to clean (Clean-In-Place)
  • High system visibility
  • Combined station for bag and drum filling
  • Contamination-free filling of various drum sizes with double liners
  • High containment (<1 microgram per cubic meter)