Disposable isolator

Pharmaceutical powders need to be contained in the strictest conditions. But handling powders and cleaning the equipment is a time-intensive operation, particularly when alternating between sterile and toxic materials. At the same time, the system must protect both product and operators from contamination.

Isolator system with flexible process integration

The flexible canopy isolator range from Dec Group offers containment solutions to operations like tablet pressing production and R&D, micronizing, and dispensing plants. The solution can be adapted to sterile and toxic processes and includes disposable glove bags, complete flexible enclosures, and semi-rigid isolators.

The disposable isolator system is designed for single-use tasks like taking samples, docking big bags, or safely changing PTS filter membranes. Its adjustable framework has multiple access points welded into the structure such as glove ports or half-suits.


  • Low-cost flexible systems
  • Fully mobile or floor-mounted structures
  • Simple to clean or fully disposable
  • Safe micronizing and dispending of both toxic or sterile APIs
  • High containment (< 1 μg/m3)