Deduster for injection moulding

High quality injection molded plastic parts require clean bulk resins free of dust and streamers. This is an efficient, easy-to-use dust removal system designed specifically for use between an injection molding machine and a hopper loading system.

A compact dust removal system for plastics injection molding

The C-20 Deduster from Pelletron is a lightweight dust removal system designed specifically to improve product quality and production efficiency for plastic injection molders. The system weighs only 9 Kg and stands only 240mm high. It is installed between the inlet hopper and hopper loader on a plastic injection molding machine. A compressed air flow and de-ionizer are used together to break the electrostatic bond between bulk granules and contaminating dust particles and separate them from the bulk material. Dust particles are entrained in the wash air flow and deposited in clear dust collection bins leaving only clean bulk resin to be fed into the injection molding machine. The C-20 is designed for product flows of 20 Kg / h with a bulk density of 560 Kg / mD . Higher product throughput rates are attainable for materials with higher bulk densities.


  • High efficiency cleaning
  • Specifically designed to meet the needs of the plastics injection molders
  • Compact and lightweight package—only 9 Kg and 240mm tall