Multifunctional cutting and dispersing machine

When processing alternative proteins or making products such as smoothies and sauces that require multiple production steps such as cutting and dispersing, having a single system that can combine the different processes in one, makes production more practical and efficient, saving costs and time.

Fine cutting and emulsifying of food products in one solution

The Stephan Microcut from ProXES is a multifunctional food processing system for fine cutting and homogeneous emulsifying. It can provide stable emulsions and disperse solids in liquids. The unit has a pre-cutter that can reduce product sizes of 100mm down to 1-2mm. It can be installed with a single or double cutting system consisting of cutting head(s) as the rotor, cutting ring(s) as the stator, and a feeding disc. The cutting rings are equipped with knives of specific gap sizes from 0.05 to 3mm, and the feeding discs are available in different designs. Product applications include meat emulsions, marinades, sauces, vegetable, and fruit grinding, and nut grinding. The system has a unique layout for cutting vegetables, fruits, frozen products, and rework of bakery products.


  • Various throughput capacities depending on application (1200 to 6500 kg/h)
  • Available in single or double cutting system configuration
  • Optional pre-cutter system allows easy size reduction of products
  • Homogeneous emulsifying
  • High version for not pumpable products

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