Cryogenic industrial gases transportation supply tank

For safe and convenient delivery of liquid nitrogen a robust and portable solution is paramount. This wheeled transport tank provides ease of use and operator safety for the supply of liquid nitrogen as a cryogen for long-term storage of samples in cryogenic freezers.

Portable and robust storage tank that’s simple to use

With a large 230 litre capacity, the CC230LP-SB liquid nitrogen supply tank is suitable for use in a wide range industries.

Featuring a robustly constructed wheeled platform with integrated handle, the unit is easy to move to exactly where it’s needed by only one operator.

Operating at 22psi (151.7kPa) this insulated unit has a class-leading evaporation rate of only 2% per day, reducing wastage and improving your operational efficiency.



  • Easy to move and store, built-in castors
  • Large capacity improves efficiency
  • Low evaporation rate
  • High quality construction that’s built to last