Cream filling machine for bakery industry

Cream and other fillings in bakery products must be injected in the right volumes to ensure the correct colour, taste, and texture. In that way, the fillings achieve the correct level of sweetness, firmness, and adhesion per the recipe. A cream filling machine automates this process and ensures precise injection of fillings.

An automated cream filling machine for baking

The Trivi FLG auto-filling injector accurately deposits the right amounts of cream into croissants, cakes, doughnuts and many other products. Selecting dual filling heads can either accelerate the process, or accommodate two different fillings in a single bakery product.

The injection system can be used as a standalone machine, or in a production line with Trivi’s puff pastry and cake lines. It assures accurate volumes of fillings the user selects for colour, taste, and adhesion. Where a filling is a major cost factor in a recipe, the accuracy and high precision of the machine becomes even more important.

Trivis’s cream filling machine adjusts to accommodate thick and fluid creams, and even chunky whipping creams with high fat content when a recipe calls for it.



  • Measured amounts of cream accurately injected
  • Able to process thick, and even chunky creams
  • Integrates with supplier’s range of baking machines