Craft Beer Pasteurizer

Pasteurization of craft beers in breweries is very important to ensure the maintenance of taste and extended shelf life. If you are a small scale manufacturer or starting your own brewery, you need a pasteurizer that is efficient yet economical for working with small batches.

Efficient, small scale pasteurizer for packaged beverages

Petek Proces’s Pasteurizer is a small but well-furnished machine equipped with very similar configuration like its bigger counterparts. It has an active Pasteurizing Unit which allows gentle pasteurization of your beer in all circumstances. Including during the production process and even during stoppages. It is equipped with additional hardware and software. Ensuring that your beer will never be over-pasteurized. And, will always retain its taste, aroma and perfect colour.

The machine also comes with an optimized nozzle system which ensures a perfect combination of flow and pressure. Thus, enabling extremely good heat exchange between hot water, malts and yeast. Its tunnel technology is equipped with Programmable Logic Controller. As well as operator panel for full automatic operation of machine. This allows automatic regulation of temperature set points, speed of the conveyors, water level correction and temperature regulation.

Apart from beer, it can also be applied during the pasteurization of soft drinks, juices, milk, fruit puree, sugar syrups, etc.


  • Promises long lasting operations
  • Maintains high hygiene and sanitation standards
  • The machine is pre-assembled
  • Maintains product quality