Cooker for toffee and caramel products

Production of toffee and caramel products requires accurate and consistent cooking, and equipment choice needs to be carefully aligned to product type and quality. Traditional systems can be inflexible when it comes to meeting your exact requirements. A modular toffee and caramel system that can be specified to your exact requirements will improve product quality and increase efficiency across a range of confectionery lines.

Modular toffee and caramel cooking plant with many process options and outputs

The Baker Perkins Carablend modular toffee and caramel cooking plants enables you to specify exactly the right system to meet your product requirements. For example, Carablend can be tailored to produce a premium traditional toffee product at low volumes, or to provide excellent quality for budget products at high volumes. A wide range of toffee ingredients can be catered for, including those with high proportions of milk and fats.

At its heart, The Carablend system is built around a horizontally-mounted scraped surface heat exchanger. The scraper has a variable speed drive to cater to a range of throughputs, and has been designed with a unique forward and backward movement which provides exceptionally thorough mixing, ensuring high quality.

Outside the cooking unit, there is a choice of process units depending on your exact needs. The TCB Carablend process is used for cooking and caramelising toffees and caramel syrups at low to medium volumes. Cooking and caramelising occur simultaneously, and the end-product provides the “home-made” appeal of traditional toffees. On the other hand, the EC Carablend process provides a totally independent control over cooking and caramelising stages – this is needed when high throughput is needed with excellent quality and flexibility.

The modular concept of Carablend means that every system includes a Baker Perkins Autofeed fully-automatic weigh and mix system to produce a quality slurry. Reservoir tanks provide continuous feed to the whole system, and a pre-heater continuously dissolves or pre-heats syrups before cooking and caramelising, using either the TCB or EC processes chosen.


  • High quality modular system, specified to your exact requirements
  • Can be used to produce low volumes of premium “home style” toffee products
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of ingredients and recipes, including budget and premium
  • Includes Autofeed ingredients weigher/mixer and pre-heater for continuous production