Continuous sterilizer for milk beverages

An important goal of heat processing in the manufacturing of milk beverages is to achieve a long shelf-life and commercial sterility. Optimizing this process to get products of high quality and with a long shelf-life can be challenging. A processing system dedicated to medium to large-scale producers can be helpful in producing high-quality and shelf-stable milk beverages, at an optimum level of output.

Autoclave continuous retort system loads filled bottles in tube carriers

The autoclave ACBV series of Hydrolock, for glass bottles and jars, and the ACB series for PP, HDPE, and glass bottles are continuous retort systems designed for sterilization of milk beverages, evaporated milk, soups, and vegetables. Filled bottles are loaded into tube carriers, free of rotation. A chain pulls the tube carriers and rotates them while also rotating the products inside in a continuous motion. This rotation permits the application of a short-time, high-temperature sterilization, with efficient cooling.

This continuous agitation also preserves the organoleptic qualities of the products for you. Each product goes through the same thermal process. The products are transferred to a water-cooling unit inside the autoclave that cools them to avoid thermal shock. After the product leaves the cooling unit, it goes through a similar process in the atmospheric cooling unit outside the autoclave.

The Hydrolock ACBV series has a pre-heating device used for energy recycling. The hot water coming from the cooling process is used for preheating the products. This device is also necessary to avoid the thermal stress of the glass packagings. It combines with the continuous agitation of the product to allow for the shortest heat treatment possible. Saving you 35% more on energy consumption.

The autoclave ACBV and ACB series can run different sizes and shapes. The series is designed for both medium and large-scale production. The series carrier assembly is removable for safe inspection and cleaning. The ACBV series has a production capacity of 4000 bottles per hour to 26000 bottles per hour. While the ACB series has a capacity of 4000 bottles per hour to 28000 bottles per hour.



  • User-friendly operation
  • Designed for medium and large-scale production
  • Flexible production capacity