Continuous pellet cooler

Cooling is a very important and critical process for feed hygiene and pellet durability index. Pellet formation mainly requires this process to withdraw heat and moisture from dense mass to form shaped mass and maintain product quality. Thus, a more specific solution is necessary for pelleted products with good flowing capabilities.

Saves downtime while ensuring smooth discharge of cooled product into the hopper

Geelen Counterflow’s triple grid cooler is typically used for the cooling of feed pellets, wood pellets, pulp pellets, etc. It is available in multiple sizes, each with different cooling surface areas. In combination with your process details, the cooling surface determines the air volume that is required for proper cooling.

It is equipped with an Air Flow Control Valve, which helps control the air volume accurately. It also stabilizes air volume automatically irrespective of the product bed depth. Its triple grid discharger ensures smooth discharging of cooled product into the hopper.  The required air volume can be recipe-dependent.



  • Reduced downtime in between any two product runs, without any compromise to efficiency or product quality
  • The hopper and support frame can be custom built according to your exact instructions
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Beveled corners in the hopper ensure that product or fines do not build up

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