Continuous extruder for mixing solids and liquids

An extrusion machine pushes or pulls material through a shaped die to form a continuous length of product with a preset cross-section. The extrusion process is used to produce a large number of commercial products which include plastic tubing, plastic sheets, and many food types.

Kneading, mixing and extruding in one continuous process

The Extrud-O-Mix from Hosokawa Micron is an efficient extruder that kneads, mixes, and extrudes in one continuous process; as a standalone unit or in combination with other process equipment. Perfect for mixing solids and liquids into very viscous and homogeneous pastes as well as plastic masses, and moreover it has better particle dispersion in comparison to higher pressure systems, is also less expensive to buy and less expensive to operate. The high shear mixer can be used for a variety of applications like mixing base powders with liquids to form uniform pastes, homogenizing filter cakes, blending wet material with powders or liquids, homogenizing powders with liquids into a plastic mass followed by extrusion and pre-feeding of caked masses.


  • Continuous, intensive mixing of viscous materials
  • Compact design
  • Mixing, kneading and extrusion in one unit
  • Homogeneous mixing of very viscous pastes and plastic masses
  • A variety of extrusion plates with different shapes and sizes (diameters up to 5 - 6 mm)