Conditioned seed drying machine

It’s essential to dry moist seeds before you process and store them. Seeds with too high or too low moisture content are more likely to get damaged during processing, resulting in reduced viability and the formation of mold. However, seeds can also be damaged by over-drying or drying too quickly. To ensure the perfect seed moisture content, it’s important to use a dryer that allows you to control the air volume, relative humidity, and air temperature.

Increase the viability and vigor of seeds

Manufactured by Seed Processing Holland, the conditioned seed dryer dries commercial seed lots in a controlled and structured way to meet the highest quality standards. It’s ideal for drying a wide variety of seeds, including primed seeds, film-coated seeds, disinfected seeds, seed pellets, and extracted seeds, such as pepper, cucumber, tomato, and melon.

The unit is designed with a technical room that houses all the process equipment, and an insulated drying room. The drying room features two insulated windows in the door and two lighting fixtures to give operators a clear view of the entire process. It’s also fitted with energy-efficient circulation ventilators, creating a powerful internal airflow that releases moisture from the seeds.

Moreover, the dryer uses the condensation principle, whereas the heat pump evaporates moisture from the seeds with the energy that is released from the drying process. This makes the entire process incredibly cost- and energy-efficient.

Lastly, the unit has a capacity of 10 kg to 150 kg of seeds, depending on the crop type and moisture content, and a maximum capacity of 1 million pellets, depending on adhesives, humidity percentage, and pellet variety.


  • Allows extremely accurate regulation of temperature and humidity percentage
  • Energy-efficient system helps reduce costs
  • Lower and upper-level ventilation ensure uniform air distribution
  • The dryer can handle the drums with seeds coming out of disinfection or centrifuge

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