Compact H2O2 disinfection system

Dry fogging provides safe, effective microbiological cleaning of critical areas in biotech, pharmaceutical and other industries where the highest levels of sterility are required. Let’s find out if this compact disinfection system can serve you.

Thoroughly decontaminate exposed surfaces

The DosyMist by SolidFog uses H2O2 atomisation under controlled release to provide airborne decontamination and hinder the spread of bacterial growth on surfaces, filters, materials and equipment. A small, easy to manoeuvre unit made of medical grade stainless steel, the DosyMist digitally tracks its operation using Siemens PLC control for consistency of results. Designed to operate effectively on areas from 2 to 100 m³, this system has applications in the agri-food and pharmaceutical industries, health facilities, public and industrial premises and
research laboratories.


  • Ensure complete disinfection by effective dispersion of broad spectrum killer
  • Maintain a safe environment due to low concentrations of non-hazardous, nonpersistent gas which leaves no residue
  • Save time with no preparation required before use
  • Protect working areas with environmentally friendly system that is non-corrosive
  • Remain compliant with confidence of CE-certified conformity and 21CFR PART11