Cheese grater

Breaking down large blocks into grated, shredded, powdered or planed cheese requires multiple graded discs that cut all varieties cleanly without clogging.

Rapidly process large volumes of any type of cheese

The XL-K by Brunner Anliker is a high-performance appliance designed for everyday commercial use, processing up to 2.1 kg at a top rate of 150 kg per hour.
The large range of removable grating discs produce light, airy ejection of grated, shredded, planed or shave cut cheese.
Durability is excellent, thanks to dishwasher-compatible ceramic/PTFE surface coated discs and robust design, with a powerful 720 rpm motor.


  • Process large blocks of cheese
  • Large range of grating functions
  • Shave even the hardest cheeses like parmesan and sbrinz
  • Quick changeover and cleaning
  • Fully portable unit