Checkweigher for capsules

The new interactive indicator unit allows for even easier use. High-rigidity weighcells have been placed alternately on both sides of the weighing conveyor to achieve space saving and high accuracy.

Weigh capsules with a higher degree of measurement accuracy

The Anritsu checkweigher for capsules has been developed in two different models. The KW9001AP can measure up to 2,000 capsules; with each capsule individually checkweighed into three classifications (overweight, proper weight or lightweight) every minute.

Up to 1,000 capsules can be individually checkweighed into three classifications each minute on the KW9002AP model. The high accuracy and efficiency are maintained by periodic zero setting that provides automatic cleaning of the weighing table.


  • Feature high speed and accuracy
  • Advanced rejecting confirmation
  • Total screening data storage
  • Meets GPM standards and validation requirements