Biological H2S scrubber

Raw biogas produced by digestion, for example during an anaerobic process is approximately 60% methane. If you need to upgrade your biogas in order to burn it safely then you first need to remove the hydrogen sulfide. Biological scrubbing upgrades it to high-grade biomethane. This can then be used in electrical generators and boilers as a substitute for natural gas.

A Biogas Scrubber Removing H2S Gas Cost-Effectively

The Global Water & Energy’s BIO-SULFURIX™ biological biogas scrubber comprises a scrubber tower containing a layer of non-clogging, randomly packed carrier material on which sulfur-oxidizing bacteria grow. A small amount of oxygen releases as the raw biogas passes through the carrier material, so the bacteria can convert the hydrogen sulfide into sulfate and ultimately, sulfuric acid.

The residual hydrogen sulfide is typically below 100 – 200 parts per million. This unique solution is superior to other alternatives where such a low residue is required. There are no waste products. Indeed, the sulfate can be diluted and discharged to a local sewer.



  • Protect your boilers / biogas engines from corrosion-shortening operating life
  • Benefit from a long-life desulfurization unit made of corrosion-free materials
  • Install this equipment in new facilities or incorporate it in existing installations
  • Comes in standard sizes or can be customised to meet your specific needs