Belt dryer for sewage sludge

If your water treatment plant often facing difficulties with sewage sludge deposits, drying the sludge may be a solution. It can provide a sustainable and cost-effective way of recycling sewage sludge into fuel or biosolids and make good use of residual heat throughout the year.

Save operational costs and reduce emissions while drying sewage sludge

Dorset’s plate belt dryer offers you an efficient and uniform way of drying sewage sludge to be recycled. It uses a belt of perforated steel plates which significant lowers air resistance, resulting in the lowest electric energy consumption of the ventilators.

Post dewatering of the sludge, a dry matter content of 90% can be achieved using the belt dryer for sewage sludge. The dryer plates are galvanized and powder-coated, in order to provide enough protection against aggressive substances. It can also carry a high layer of product on top. It has been configured with wide holes such that the belt does not need cleaning. Its heat recovery unit provides you with an increase in heat-efficiency.  All of its features ensure that your end products continuously have homogeneous qualities after the drying process.


  • 80% less electricity costs during operation
  • Simple design, therefore low maintenance costs
  • A ‘no chemicals’ option for the air cleaner
  • A ‘no wastewater’ option for the air cleaner