Automatic medical forming and sealing blister machine for packing capsules and tablets

Product safety is very important when producing tablets, capsules or medical devices and packaging at the end of the production line, needs to abide by demands of manufacturers, regulatory organizations and consumers. It is necessary to protect products from contaminants such as moisture or oxygen in the packaging.

Manual blister filling for small and medium sized production runs

The Minipharma by Tommy Nielsen combines the forming of the blister with the sealing in one machine for minimal exposure to external influences. It’s designed to automatically form and seal blisters for packaging of medical products and as a standard produces plastic/aluminum, plastic /TYVEK,  plastic /sterile paper blister packaging or if desired, alu/alu blister packaging. Blisters and lidding material are formed and sealed from roll stock material and the formed and sealed packages are punched free of excess material. The machine has a forming and sealing station and can be issued with automatic filling equipment as well as printing equipment for printing batch numbers.

The machine is designed to produce small and medium sized production runs with manual filling of the blisters. The filling area length and the filling height can be adjusted according to demands. The machine can produce up to 1.800 blisters per hours.

MiniPharma150 is a simple and reliable machine which is very easy to operate and to maintain. Due to the favourable small dimensions of the machine, tool change can be carried out within a few minutes.


  • Fast tool change due to the small size of the machine
  • Optional enhancement of larger filling area
  • Additional filling aid device for tablets and capsules
  • Flexibility due to easy and fast tool change

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