Automatic bottle capping machine

Traditional bottle capping systems are inflexible, limiting the scope of your packaging and therefore product delivery. A modern, high-output machine that has been purpose-designed for rapid changeover to a wide range of formats will increase your efficiency by reducing downtime, as well as expanding your range.

Fully automatic high output capping machine designed for rapid changeovers

The Miray range of automatic capping machines from CMI Industries represents a new benchmark in automatic capping, thanks to fast and easy cap or bottle size change time.

The range features output rates from 1,800 per hour through to 18,000 per hour, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your requirements.

Miray systems can handle the widest possible range of plastic caps, including screw caps, press-on caps, oriented press-on caps, triggers, and dispensers. Brushless motor cappers give Miray the ability to convert between pump capping, screw capping and plugging, offering maximum flexibility.

All Miray are fitted with the patented ScrewMaster system. This automatically checks tightening torque and position over the bottle for fewer rejections.

Thanks to the use of electronic cams, maintenance is reduced to a minimum. For further protection, Miray is fitted with a programmed lubrication system.For even more flexibility, Miray is available in GMP and ATEX approved versions.


  • Tool-free, fast and easy changeover to new cap type or bottle size maximises throughput
  • Brushless motor cappers able to have multiple configurations
  • High throughput of up to 18,000 pieces per hour possible
  • Wide range of options to meet your exact requirements
  • GMP and ATEX versions available for specific scenarios