Automated bubble traps for chromatography

Radial flow chromatography processes require special attention and the right use of high-quality appliances in order to deliver upon specific laboratory requirements. This is where the bubble trap becomes an integral part of the process as it efficiently removes any unwanted gas or air bubbles in process fluids without providing areas where harmful bacteria could accumulate.

Bubble and gases bubble trap extractor

Bubble traps are an essential part of the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries that are responsible for the extraction of bubbles and gases from chromatographic processes and operations. Bubble traps are most often used in combination with Proxcys Radial Flow Chromatography columns or are simply installed inline onto piping, skids, or for stand-alone use via an expended foot.

The bubble traps are designed in accordance with customer requirement specifications and can range between volumes of 0.5L to 60L. Moreover, the bubble traps have various outlets and inlets that allow for the implementation of add-ons like an expanded feed for stand-alone use in laboratory environments. In general, the standard material of manufacturing is 316L stainless steel with a borosilicate glass cylinder. Additionally, onto the glass cylinder, a straight or at 90-degree elbow Tri-Clamp inlet and outlet to connect to piping are available for a wide range of process flows.

Still, it is completely optional to upgrade materials to a higher grade of steel. All of the materials that have been used come with the proper certifications for usage in pharmaceutical production.


  • Low maintenance cost due to the use of long-lasting certified materials and steel construction
  • Advanced design that allows automatic cleaning of integrated accessory ports
  • Various outlet/inlet options allowing for the implementation of add-ons

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