Autoclave sterilizer for food cans and jars

An autoclave is a must-have machine for canned food production lines. It performs sterilization, which ensures a longer product shelf-life and eliminates the risk of contamination. However, autoclaves typically generate high water and energy consumption, which in the long run also means very high operating costs.

Sterilizing canned products with a separating compartment while saving water and energy

The Industrial Autoclave from Ghizzoni is a patented sterilizing system for canned products. It is a cylindrical autoclave that has a separating compartment for products that will be treated. Thanks to this separated space, the total volume that needs to be heated or cooled is reduced, and so is the time of the sterilization process and the amount of energy used. The system also features indirect heating and cooling of the products, so there is no need to worry about the cross-contamination risk. The water used for each batch in heating and cooling is reused for the next batch to save time and energy. This system is applicable for canned fish products, vegetables, ready-made food, baby food, pet food, etc.


  • The patented separating compartment saves energy and time
  • Reduction of about 10 to 20 minutes in processing time.
  • Indirect heating means no contact or risk of contamination
  • Cost-efficient due to less energy and water consumption
  • Separating compartment can be integrated into an existing autoclave