Aseptic aerator for food products

Products such as mousse, yogurt, butter, cheese, and many more require mixing and aerating under sterile conditions and adherence to strict food production safety standards. A high degree of process control including gas introduction in a user-friendly and easy-to-maintain hygienic aerator will give any food producer an advantage over the competition.

Mix, whip, and aerate food products with excellent process control.

The Milk-Mix from Hansa Mixer is an aseptic aerator designed to meet the needs of applications in the dairy and other food processing industries. It includes all stainless steel construction and well-developed technology for sanitary seals which allows them to be rinsed even during the production process.  The mixing head is stainless steel and both the stator and the rotor are temperature controlled.  Even and thourough processing  is assured through careful design including injection ports located behind the mixing head.  An integrated gas controller allows the precise introduction of air or nitrogen into the mixing chamber for accurate and controlled aeration according to your recipe.  The system includes and is controlled by either a 175 mm or 250 mm color touch display.



  • Fully compliant with modern hygiene standards for food-grade production equipment
  • Output range from 250-2,500 Kg per hour
  • Automatic air dosing
  • Control of multiple external additive pumps is possible
  • CIP and SIP controlled by SPS