Anaerobic UASB wastewater treatment

If you need to remove organic compounds from your wastewater, the up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket method is your solution. It is suitable for high-strength wastewaters with Chemical Oxygen Demand. Typical effluents treated this way originate from breweries, soft drink factories, paper mills, starch manufacturers, and food processing plants.

Save effluent discharge cost with a sustainable and effective solution

The Global Water & Energy’s Anubix B process utilizes an Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) Reactor. It has proved to be a highly effective and reliable method for the biological treatment of industrial wastewater streams. The system works both with granular sludge as well as flocculant sludge.

During this process, Anaerobic organisms in the sludge blanket remove organic contamination from the water as it passes through. The remaining sludge sinks safely to the bottom of the tank for the anaerobic process to continue. There is a three-phase separator, installed internally which separates the treated water from the produced biogas. The treated effluent leaves the tank via a collector pipe. The biogas produced is then sent for conditioning and/or utilization or disposed of in a biogas flare.



  • Does not require separate gas- and-sludge storage holders
  • Solid, corrosion-resistant structure allows easy access for inspection
  • Rectangular and round configurations available in concrete or steel
  • Readily incorporates with other equipment in the Global Water & Energy stable
  • Maximum biomass retention