Airshocking hammer

Silos, hoppers, bins, and other containers can build up a layer of powdered product on the internal walls. A mechanical shock is required to dislodge this layer for processing. Difficult to discharge materials may also need a shock to improve the flow.

Remove material build-up on sidewalls with air shocks

Air Shocking Hammer (ASH) from GVF Impianti helps remove layering of powdered material on the internal walls of silos, bins, and hoppers. It delivers an impact comparable to that of a hammer to remove the layered material. The ASH System is preferred to the normal vibration equipment because it does not unnecessarily stress the welded joints of the bin. It has very low air consumption and is virtually maintenance-free. ASH systems are used to improve the flow of difficult-to-discharge materials. They are suitable for silos, hoppers, and bins containing powders. They are also used to completely remove the product from the vessel when switching products.



  • Improve yield
  • Improve the flow of powdered and difficult to discharge products
  • Remove unnecessary vibration stress on bin joints to prolong the life
  • Zero maintenance downtime with maintenance-free design
  • Simplify cleaning with complete product removal

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