Air knife dryer for pouches

Flexible pouch packaging is a popular choice for many consumer food products. Before final printing, inspection or secondary packages the pouches need to be dried, often as a result of moisture after an autoclave or pasteurization process. A purpose-designed air knife system explicitly engineered for pouches will increase the efficiency and throughput of your line by ensuring rapid and complete drying.

High-speed drying solution for flexible packaging

The JetTunnel Pouch by Jetair Technologies is a purpose-designed and fully integrated drying solution for all types of flexible pouch packaging.

Designed to be a “drop-in” solution for your existing line, the JetTunnel Pouch features an integrated conveyor with dynamic hold-down system. This overcomes the problem of traditional open compressed air systems that can cause unwanted movement of pouches, reducing the drying efficiency and therefore throughput.

The JetTunnel uses highly efficient centrifugal blowers to deliver clean, filtered and oil-free air to a purpose-designed air knife arrangement. The blowers use 70% less energy than an equivalent traditional compressed air system.

To ensure the best performance, the JetTunnel features integrated pouch handling. A dynamic hold-down system orients and protects the pouches by applying slight pressure and holding the gusset open for thorough drying.


  • Designed specifically for difficult-to-dry pouches with gussets
  • Increase throughput, dry up to 200 pouches per minute
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 70%
  • Dynamic pouch handling protects packaging and product from damage
  • Custom-designed air knife arrangement to fit your exact needs