Air knife dryer for bottles

When filling glass bottles during beverage production, the cleaning and filling processes often leave residual moisture on the bottles and closures. This can compromise downstream processes such as labeling. A purpose-designed compressed air-free drying unit offers reduced running costs and increased throughput while offering superior drying performance.

Drying system for glass bottles

The JetTunnel system from Jetair Technologies is a high-efficiency drying solution designed specifically for the consumer beverage market. It uses powerful centrifugal blowers to feed high-speed air to specially designed air knives offering superior drying and fast throughput.

JetTunnel is a complete system that has been designed to drop into your existing line wherever it’s required – most often before the inspection and/or labeling process. Using a single-feed conveyor, it can completely dry up to 120,000 glass bottles per hour thanks to its air knife technology.

The arrangement of the air knives and the power of the centrifugal blowers is custom-designed for your requirements, making the JetTunnel a truly “drop-in” solution. Able to dry bottles of a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials, JetTunnel can be specified with a powerful motor of up to 90kW to meet your exact requirements.

The highly efficient blowers produce clean, filtered, oil-free air and use 70% less energy than the equivalent compressed air based drying solution.


  • Reduced running costs – up to 70% savings
  • Dry up to 120,000 bottles per hour
  • Can be used for a wide range of bottle sizes and materials
  • Enclosed unit captures blow-off – reduced contamination
  • Custom-designed air knife layout to fit your exact requirements